Talk to us about our grooming service which we can do for you when your pet is boarding with us, or as a one off visit.

Every dog owner knows how quickly they can become dirty during the vicissitudes of everyday life. You can try and clean them yourselves but the easiest and most effective option for dog owners is to take them to a professional groomer. We work with a partner who provide us a comprehensive range of treatments to keep your beloved dog fresh, clean and healthy. 

To help understand exactly what you can expect from us when you bring your dog for a one-off or regular grooming service, we've put together this brief overview.


Once your dog arrives with us, we begin with a trim first, prior to a comprehensive yet relaxing bath (which also includes an ear cleaning treatment). Once these two treatments have been completed, and we've ensured the dog is both tidy and clean, the dog is then clipped and trimmed by a senior groomer. To provide the finishing touches, we spray each dog with dog deodorant, leaving a beautifully smooth coat complete with a lovely fresh scent.


Please note: the nail cutting is part of the general grooming package, so you will not be charged the stand-alone price of £5 if your dog is receiving a complete grooming service.