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-DECK MATERIAL: 2 Ply Bamboo / 6-Ply Canadian Maple

-DECK LENGTH: 40 Inches / 101 cm

-TRUCKS: Forged / CNC Super carve 380mm/15inch width

-WHEELS: 8" pneumatic all terrain wheels. Also comes standard with Lux ABEC Supersoft™ wheels.

-MOTOR: Dual 1500 watt (3000 watt total) high performance custom brushless out-runner motors.

-BEARINGS: Lux Precision Bearings

-BATTERY: 36V 14AH Battery (504WH) 10S4P 35E Cells

-REMOTE: Lux Rv2 Remote, wireless control, instant response.

-WEIGHT: 11.3kg/25 LBS

-RANGE: Up to 30km/25miles standard battery and 10km/7 miles with travel battery.

-TOP SPEED: Approx. 48km/h / 30mph. Speed will reduce as voltage decreases.

-MAX LOAD: 100 kg / 220 lbs

-SUITABLE TERRAIN: Any terrain - Short Grass, dirt tracks, roads and footpaths.

-HILLS: Up to 35% gradient in sport mode (Insanely STEEP!)

-BRAKING: Ultra smooth stepless braking control with regenerative recharging.

-Water Rating: IP 55